Design posters

Do you need design posters to fill your empty walls? Or are you tired of looking at what’s already hanging out? Then choose one of the many beautiful design posters on this page.
Design posters are made of graphic print and are available in many different shades. You can find great patterns that add color and life to your room – or choose a poster with a funny or fancy design that makes you smile on the smiley and shows the free and legendary side of you.

Designers behind

Our design posters are designed by a handful of talented designers, each having their own style and expression. It allows you to find a wide variety of different styles, so there is something that suits your taste. In addition to our own designers, we have posters from the following graphic artists:
Anne-Sofie Svejgaard designs more feminine prints, and she emphasizes the soft shapes and small details. She is good at finding the balance between the overpainted and the simple so her design will be perfect.


Alberte Grene Due is a qualified multimedia designer and holds a BA in Innovation & Entrepreneurship. She finds special inspiration in nature, and she has therefore created a series of posters with animals. She is very good graphic and good at mixing the abstract with the reality that makes her design unique. It’s cool and fits into all the homes and rooms.

Sterndorff Rasmussen plays with the fact that your brain always tries to make things sense and would like to form a whole of what it sees. It will be some interesting pictures with a rough touch. The colors are dimmed and the posters can therefore fit whatever your theme in the home.

In addition, we have a large selection of other posters with completely original designs, so you can personalize your decor.

Contrasts and twists

Many would like to live nicely and beautifully, but you should also take care that everything does not get the same. The majority of Danes decorate the house with white surfaces, light wood and minimalist designs. Therefore, it is important to have something with edges that creates a catching eye, and at the same time shows a little about yourself. Perhaps you have a more strange side of you, a more artistic or a brilliant, humorous sense. Create life in the gray masses, and give your home personality with one of the beautiful, beautifull or stylish designer posters.

The posters are typically available in 4-5 different sizes to fit whatever you have a lot of wall space or just a small shelf that requires a bit of decoration. Some posters form a whole series, so you can gather more and hang next to each other.

For a brief summary, you found a large selection of graphic design posters at Livston CPH.