Posters for the livingroom

Are your walls not particularly inspiring, or have you just had much of the same art hanging for years? You may want to use some ideas for something new and different that can peck your living room up? Then you can look forward to this page. Here you can find ideal for living room , which contributes much more than just a nice look.


The living room is one of the most important rooms in the house. It is the focal point for most families, and this is the place where both Friday’s TV-honeymoon and Wednesday’s homework can take place. The living room must be comfortable to stay in, invite for both play and relaxation, and the design and interior must fit the family’s taste. It is therefore worth paying a little extra effort in decorating this room, why we at Livston have a wealth of great design posters ready for suspension at your home. You’ll even get free shipping if you buy for over $ 400, and there is therefore no excuse for not getting started!

Something beautiful on the walls

No matter who you are, it’s a pleasure to look at something that’s beautiful. As humans we are individual in our taste, but common to all of us is that when we look at something beautiful, we will be happy. Think about your interior and what you hang on the walls, because it can affect your mood. Due to the great individuality of all of us, you can find all kinds of posters on this page. We can offer stylish, minimalist posters, and we also have a large selection of more romantic and legendary poster designs.


Common to all our posters is that they come from hugely skilled designers. Some are designed by our own designers, and others are designed by professional graphic artists such as Alberte Grene Due, Anne-Sofie Svejgaard and Sterndorff Rasmussen. Known or unknown; They all have their style and way of drawing and thinking, which is reflected in their beautiful posters. Whether you are looking for a poster with clean, clear lines in black and white or a more colorful feminine poster with scrolls and lace, it is possible to find here.

Posters for all home and purpose

Posters can all. Now it’s said. For example, have you decorated your home in bright colors and is it all very stylish? Then a poster with vibrant colorings can add space a little extra magic and play. It may also be that you are opposed to your interior and therefore already have lots of colors and sprains in your living room. In that case, a poster may also act as opposed to acting as a damper in the room.

You can hang them right where it suits you. Almost all of our posters are available in both 50×70 cm, A2, A3, A4 and A5, which allows you to place posters on both large and small wall areas.

In addition, we have frames that will fit all our posters.


We wish you a great pleasure with the layout of your living room!