Posters with animals

Are your walls empty or have you had the same pictures hanging as long as you can remember? Then you are sure about the feeling of need for change. If you can feel recognizable to this, you have come to the right place. Here you can find lots of inspiration for what you can decorate your walls – and the selection is great.

It’s always nice to have some nice hanging on the walls. It creates personality, lace and gives the home charm, and you can even be completely excited to look at its works of art, posters, pictures or what is now hanging out.


The posters you find here are all with animal motifs, and they are made of either black and white or color graphics. There are a lot of different, so you can safely find the right one for you, whether you’re on stylish sharp lines or more playful posters filled with colors. The freight is also free if you buy for over $ 400. Then start the hunt and pick the fine posters that will give your home extra personality.


Raise your home or create a red thread


Posters have the amazing feature that they can little of each. For example, have you decorated your home in white, beige, light brown or gray, and is it in general very neutral and minimalistic? Then a poster with beautiful colors can create life, joy and imagination in space. Have you gone the opposite way and have a very colorful and lively home, then you can add a damper to the room with a poster in black and white and create more peace in it. Lift your decor to a whole new level with one of the fine posters.


Likewise, it is also up to you where you want to hang them. Posters with animals do not just have to hang in the children’s room, they can dress both the entrance, the kitchen, the living room and all other rooms just as well – if not even better sometimes. It is also true that no matter how much space you have on the wall, you can find a poster for you, as most posters are available in both A2, -3, -4 and -5.


Our Designers


The design posters from Livston are designed by skilled designers. They all have different ways of designing, thinking and drawing, and they therefore offer something for everyone in a wide range of styles. In addition to offering posters from our own skilled designers, we also offer posters from graphic artists such as Alberte Grene Due, Anne-Sofie Svejgaard and Sterndorff Rasmussen. These graphic artists have very different areas of competence, so whatever you want for a poster design with clean lines and minimalist shapes that the Scandinavian style is known for or a poster with a more simple expression that nevertheless brings emotions when you look at it you can certainly find this here.


Discover our poster universe and get inspiration for a beautiful home. Have fun with the project.