Posters for him

Decoration and especially wall decoration is definitely not just for girls. All the walls benefit from wearing something so they do not stand naked and cold and make the room feel empty and unfinished. If you have a boy or heroism that needs to be refreshed a bit, but if you do not know what you’re after – then we’ve allowed ourselves to help you a little by the side by collecting a series of photo albums, design posters and illustrations, It’s masculine, stylish and cool and fits perfectly with everyone with the chromosomes XY.

If the boyfriend has taken over the device …
Do you live with your boyfriend or wife? And did she put herself too much on the decor? Do you squeeze in flowers and pink ornaments? Then there is help to retrieve.
Men and women usually have a wide variety of tastes, and couples often have a long discussion about what furniture and home accessories should be in the home. Many men will guarantee that it is most often the woman in the relationship who wins the debate about the interior design and thus gets his will trumped through. It often results in a sea of ​​nipsting, flowers and scented candles. But if you’re a man, you’re a bit smart, you’re guaranteed to get a few items into it, which puts a more masculine touch on the home. Start with a little bit at a time – for example with a more boy’s poster from Livston – then list more and more things that you like so you slowly and unnoticed turn the living room into a room that reflects both of you and not just her. After all, it is important that you are both represented, so you feel at home and fit in the house or apartment.

The ultimate man cave

Are you one of those who are so privileged to have their own personal space – or a home office or the like for yourself? Then you have the opportunity to completely freeze the room with everything that represents you and your taste. Get rid of and let no one else tell you what fits in and what does not. You are the man and you can do the room exactly as you like.

You can choose the very raw and boyish style, or the more pure and classic style – or you can make a mix and get a fun and bold balance or contrast. The most important thing is that you feel it’s yours. You must be allowed to spread your masculinity and feel at home and fit. Perhaps the room must also be a place where you can shut yourself down and find peace when everything gets too much and you’ll find yourself again.

Put the dot on the top of the heroine with a delicious ‘poster for him’. Create the free space you’ve always dreamed of, and let no one else mix in the decor. Here is a room and a poster for him – for you.