Abstract posters

When is something abstract? What does an abstract poster, an abstract painting or an abstract image represent? This is one of the things you cannot answer in the abstract art form.
The abstract is only in the form of your, my, and our own thoughts. An abstract work of art is only abstract, because it cannot answer questions.
An artwork is abstract when it allows the recipient himself to create fantasies and beliefs about what the motif really is and contains. Exactly this is the beauty of this art form.
With this art form there is room for everyone. This is due to the fact that there is no correct answer to what something represents and why it represents what it does.
With this diverse art form, all of your, my and our thoughts can freely run away without having to be afraid of bumps - for only one's thoughts determine what the eyes see!
Then embark on a stream of thoughts and look at our fine abstract posters.