Jazz posters

Jazz. When people hear the word "Jazz", most of them think of a man standing and playing lively music with his band. Or maybe they think of a beautiful and shiny instrument, like a trumpet or a saxophone.
Regardless of whether you can recognize the above-mentioned, or you don't even associate jazz with anything, one thing is important to keep in mind. Jazz is not just music.

Jazz, which is widely known for being an extremely rhythmic style of music, is originally from the southern United States. Here, the jazz started in the 19th century and has since developed through several eras up until our time.
Depending on the year being spoken, there have been different forms and styles to express oneself through the jazz - just like art. One can say that the jazz as a musical style is a form of musical art.
Like many other artists use canvases, paints and palettes to express themselves, many musicians use jazz music for the selfsame. Jazz is especially good for expressing emotions such as joy, sorrow and excitement.
There are also endless genres in jazz, including Latin jazz, electric fusion jazz and cool jazz. In fact, one can say that jazz is one of the most diverse music styles in existence.

With these words, it is no wonder that several artists celebrate the jazz and its musicians. So help support the art, diversity - jazz - and take a closer look at our exuberant and colourful jazz posters.